Exhibitions school guide

The Exhibition and school guide will give an overview of how to use exhibitions for learning in schools. The guide will describe the added value to learning through exhibitions, and highlight the skills and competencies that this process offers to pupils.

Access the exhibition and school guide here.

It will present the different types of exhibition usage for education and in different settings (school, museums/cultural centres, virtual), and discuss how learning is taking place in each of them. The guide will explain how schools can use the full potential of exhibition learning, with practical examples and good practices of creating exhibitions in school activities across Europe.

This user guide for virtual exhibitions creation will provide all the technicalities and practical information about the use of the exhibition generator platform. The aim of the output is to enable all users of the platform to create their own virtual exhibitions for learning, by describing the functionalities of the platform in a clear and comprehensive way.

The guide will cover three aspects of the platform: 
  1. The technical details, design and functionalities, 
  2. The integrated feedback and recommendations from experts and user experience, and
  3. Details related to content support and resources that users can consult when creating their exhibitions, in order to choose the most suitable display for their artefacts and exhibition setting.

Virtual exhibitions guide

Pedagogical guide

The pedagogical guide will present the pedagogical aspects and practical benefits of creating virtual exhibitions for inclusive education. In the form of a booklet, it will combine information from the theory of learning through exhibitions, with the technical aspects of co-creating an exhibition, both offline and in a virtual environment. It will highlight the pedagogical methodology and inclusiveness of students with different needs and form many different backgrounds. 

Access the pedagogical guide here.

This “exhibitions design and their pedagogical sequences guide” gathers information regarding the design of exhibitions in school settings, with practical applications, recommendations and best practices. The booklet will display the results of the project with feedback on the successes and challenges of the different steps.

During the project field test, learners will actually design 30 exhibitions, whilst using the learning material and platform of the project. Partners of the project will collect the best practices and testimonials about the educators’ experiences. 

The publication will gather the “stories” and experiences of using the project resources, and share practical feedback from other teachers and educators.

Exhibition design guide

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